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It’s raining there. Hnnng. I like rain, but not when I should go to work and not be fully wet there. But umbrellas are so uncomfortable…

I started to hate this job much earlier bc of no comfort there. I need a great patience to stay there at least till january. Because I need it, but don’t want it so much.

I feel sad almost every time when i think about it.

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For my Cynicalbabe <3


He was supposed to meet Spy in Paris after visiting his parents, only he was late, they were gone and then he found the adoption papers. He tried calling but couldn’t get through, eventually he sent a letter. He kept looking and eventually Miss Pauling and Demo walked into the house and… 

After getting shot Sniper ends up in a coma. He’s aware of most of the things going on around him, but can’t get his body move. When Spy shows up after getting the letter he thinks he’s dreaming. Spy keeps talking and he keeps dreaming, He’s not sure how long he’s been gone, all he knows is he has go get out and get to Paris. 

Full version without cuts on dA

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